A few years ago I picked up a book randomly from our collection: Release: Healing from the Wounds of Family, Church and Community, by Flora Slossom Wuellner. The title intrigued me, and once I started it I couldn't put it down. Her central idea of empowered vulnerability totally resonated. Empowered vulnerability acknowledges our deep caring for the world and the people in our lives and our sensitivity to their influence and provides meaningful ways to care for ourselves to continue our work in the world. It inspired a series of affirmation collages that I created and bound into a book.

These affirmations are the basis for this 15-week on-line class: Empowered Vulnerability: Survival Skills for Caregivers. Each week you will receive:

1) a powerful affirmation

2) a picture of the collage inspired by that affirmation

3) a teaching reflection

4) a quote from a wisdom teacher

5) questions and challenges to prompt your reflections on the topic

You'll get all this for only $89 - that's less than $6 a week. For $149 you can email me your reflections each week and receive individualized feedback and suggestions for further work, and for $199 you can have a half hour phone session of spiritual direction each week.

This class would be valuable for caregivers of all kinds: therapists, teachers, clergy, health professionals, mothers, spouses/partners, and anyone who is sensitive to the needs of those around them. It will show you how to care for others without becoming codependent or sacrificing your own well-being. Your work and your relationships will benefit.

You can start this course anytime. Just email me  for directions on how to enroll.


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