SoulCollage(R) is a fun and creative expressive art process developed by psychotherapist Seena Frost, MA, MDiv. Using found images, scissors, mat board and glue, your intuition guides the creation of a unique set of collaged cards that express important aspects of your Self and Soul. These cards allow you to speak to and through these inner parts, as well as external guides and allies. The SoulCollage process is an exhilirating journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. It can be used to:
*  enhance your creativity
 *  tap into your intuition and wisdom
  *  identify your  inner strengths
*  learn to love all parts of yourself
    *  gain a new perspective on life

As a trained SoulCollage Facilitator, I can introduce you and/or your group to this wonderful process. I provide all materials, and can get you started on this creative adventure in just a few hours.  I am also available to facilitate SoulCollage card readings, which can help you quickly access your intuition and inner knowing to address important questions in your life.


JourneyCircles™ is a complementary multimodal art practice for personal and professional use, developed by Cat Caracelo.

JourneyCircles™ and Mooncircles cards provide a visual template that you can create with; one side is prepared for collage and mixed media, and the other offers a printed symbol that offers a guiding element. The JourneyCircles™ process can be used to express and explore experience more deeply, applying intuitive and intentional visual narrative.



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