Creativity Coaching is a form of life coaching that helps artists, writers and others make progress in their creative endeavors. Its purpose is to remove blocks, explore authentic passion and inspire enthusiasm in all areas of creative work.  With my experience and training as an artist, psychotherapist and spiritual director I am uniquely suited to "midwife" the creative spirit in others.

Transformational Coaching is a unique integration of Depth Psychology, expressive art and spiritual guidance. Using a variety of media the client is guided through a deep exploration of Self and Soul. I bring a background in Transpersonal and Positive Psychology as well as experience with healing through expressive art to this process. 

If you are interested in making progress in your life or your creative work contact me for details on how I can help, at


I offer a variety of experiential workshops exploring the connection between spirituality and art. For current offerings check out upcoming events. I have especially enjoyed facilitating church and work groups through creative process.  I can work with you to design an experience best suited for your group.


Sometimes we all need to take a break from our daily responsibilities to recharge and renew. I can co-create with you a day (or half-day) set aside at my studio for relaxation, guided meditation, inspirational readings and journaling, and an expressive art activity.

Art Parties

Do you have a birthday or other special occasion coming up? Do you want to celebrate someone else's birthday, coming-of-age, coming-into-saging, or other milestone? Or would you just like to get together with friends and have a fun and soulful celebration of life? If so, consider having an Art Party!

An Art Party is a get-together centered around an easy and fun expressive art project designed to honor or celebrate someone or something.  All you have to do is provide the list of people and the theme. I'll design and set up an art activity in your home or my studio.


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