I offer a variety of experiential workshops exploring the connection between spirituality and art. These are some of my favorites, but I can work with you to design an experience best suited for your group.

Vision Boards:
       A Vsion Board is a visual affirmation of an individual or group's goals, desires and/or aspirations. It can be crated for a specific theme or project, or at the beginning of the New Year or a new venture. For an individual a Vision Board provides clarification, inspiration and motivation to move forward in a positive direction. For a group or organization the visioning process helps with team-building and group consensus and coherence.

Collage for the Soul:
       Let me introduce your group to the art and play of collage: using images, paper, fibers and found objects to foster creative expression and self-exploration. This workshop will show you how to tap into your inherent creativity to facilitate personal growth and healing. For those seeking a deeper experience, SoulCollage, developed by Seena Frost, offers an intuitive process that reveals valuable aspects of the Self.

Found Poetry and Poetry as Prayer:
       If you have ever wanted to write your own poetry and/or prayers this workshop will show you how! Using prompts, collected words (even paint chips!) I can guide you in finding your unique creative voice. The results will amaze you!

Visual Prayer:
       A visual prayer is a collage made with sacred awareness and prayerful intention. Sacred images arising from dreams, imagination and meditation are intuitively captured, combined and arranged on paper. The result is a visual soul story with a profound message for both creator and viewer. This workshop will surprise you with its ability to inspire soul-full creativity. (Click on the image above to see an example.)

Altered Books/Prayer Journals:
       The found poetry and visual prayer workshops can be combined into a full-day project that produces a unique and art-full prayer journal. Using your text, collected or created images and a variety of art media you can create an altered book that reflects your spiritual journey.

Art as Spiritual Practice:
       Long before someone told you that you did or did not have artistic "talent" you once delighted in making lines and shapes and bold colorful designs. To return to that "beginner's mind" and work/play with various art media with full awareness is a wonder-full spiritual practice. This workshop introduces the "artist's way" to living playfully and creatively.


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